When everyone else is crying, I was there, fighting!

PAIN it is a word that most of us hate to experience in our lives. It is somethingthat felt. Getting hurt physically or mentally during our early age is common, to fall down and cry because of a slightly pain. The more we experience it the more we grow stronger in future. Physical pain is what we feel outside, it is temporary and we learn from it. While the other one is called Mental pain, which we feel inside, it can last for even a whole year or so and even keep us thinking. In a young age, we had experience it in life such as relationship with your girlfriend/boyfriend, Friends, Family or even in those people we don’t know that much.

Whenever someone hurts you, you become vicious even if the person tries to help you. Lots of people try to neglect this feeling by simply being apathy. It sounds odd to do it but there are few human beings that actually do it, whoever knows a person like that calls him crazy without knowing his past. Pain leads certain people to reach their goals because of the hard life they have went through.

Pain is an everlasting feeling we won’t be able to change even if we feel like, it will haunt us for the good or for the bad.

In my case, I had also felt being in pain, being hurt.

Broke up with the one you loved? Yes.

Every girl goes through it. The moment you think you’ve fallen in love. Your age no longer matters. All that matters is the beating of your heart and how you feel. You’ve imagined the moment that you see him and instantly fallen in love but never really thought that it could happen. Yet here you are feeling this way. Love seems to be knocking right at your door and hey, how could you possibly refuse it?

Unfortunately, what once appeared to be a dream come true can turn into a complete and utter nightmare. For many girls this is a reality.

I was one of those girls.

In the past few months, I have been so lonely. Been hurt and got wasted.

I devoted myself in improving my life.

During our activity, had to sing just for 1 song.

I still managed to smile and laugh because my friends are expecting me to do so.

When a friend asked me to take a photo of myself and another friend made joke.

I go to malls and show the thickness of my faces just to move on.

At Ayala, when there was an exhibit.

Made book as one of my greatest companions, just to pass time.

At Fullybooked, had bought a tri-authored book and took a photo of it before paying it.

I have eaten a lot of sweets just to make my life far from bitterness.

At Nummies Sweet Shop.

But now, I have found the one I know I’d like to be with til I grow old. Which I hope God would permit.♥

At Camp Alagar Church. During his neice baptism. I was one of the Godmothers.

In my opinion, I recommend you all to learn from the pain you’ve felt anytime in all sorts of ways in relationship, work, outside anywhere. The only way you defeat it is by getting stronger every day, a lot of people feel pain and give up easily without trying to get over it except talking. It seems to be impossible to accomplish it but it is the truth if you become stronger you will gain more advantages in the future so do not take everything to heart just learn from it.




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